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The L'il Sucker® team and our friends are always on the move. White water rafting, boating, four wheeling, and paddle boarding, all without ever spilling a sip. Stay up to date with what we're up to and where we're going here. And don't forget to give us a shout on social media.

Product Testing

A day at the office for us often means getting out on the boat and field testing our latest design L’il Sucker and capturing it in action for social media and other applications. As much as we’d love to be out doing that on a daily basis, we have to stay on top of the continually growing stream of orders coming in through the website and now from retailers both small and large. Seeing as how the mother ship is located in Canada where as y’all know will be buried in snow soon, it’s great to have a team player like Bill Kelly in Jacksonville, Florida who with his boat docked right in his backyard is ready to get out there and take one for the team.   Fall is officially here, so I think it’s time for a new ATV for field testing…there’s a lot of choices out there so if any of you have an opinion as to which one might be best I’d love to hear from you… mike@lilsucker.com …I’m leaning between the Yamaha Grizzly and Suzuki but go ahead and tell me all about Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki etc…  


Another year of the Newport  Boat show has come and gone…stayed an extra day just to experience that ocean mist. Newport is my second home having spent numerous summers there with a great bunch of roommates while in the Industrial Design program at the Rhode Island School of Design. So we’ll be back every year…on the corner in Tent B. Comic relief was provided by my old roomy Mike Cheney who is a Newport legend/fixture…will try to post a video of his “pitch”…funny dude. Bill Kelly and myself rounded out the tag team. Next up is Vancouver in October.

iCast 2016

One week to go until ICast 2016 in Orlando. ICast is the trade show of the American Sport Fishing Association. My son Jake will be coming with me to work the booth, along with Mike Hicks from Dallas, and Bill Kelly from Florida. We should have a good presence at the show and are going loaded for bear with plenty of free samples to hand out. Booth #2224.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Show

So we’re rapidly approaching summer 2015, and thousands of outdoor water enthusiasts will be slamming the surf with their favorite beverages using our L'il Sucker® drink holders. That’s pretty cool stuff, knowing that I can travel almost anywhere in the world and find someone using our products.

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