Striped Up + Yellow Insulator Combo

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This retro themed L'il Sucker® Insulator is designed to keep your can or bottle upright and frosty cold on even the most extreme adventures. It will help you to explore the world around you with confidence knowing that your drink is safe from spillage and the heat of the sun. Hopefully it doesn't attract too many bumble bees.

The L'il Sucker® Insulator is perfect for cans and bottles up to 3″ in diameter (anything that would fit in a standard koozie).

The patented L'il Sucker® Insulator keeps your drink still and secure in a world full of motion. Whether you are blasting down the river in a center console boat, riding trails on your ATV, or even experiencing a bit of turbulence on an airplane commute, L'il Sucker® keeps your drink firmly planted where you set it down. Just slide the L'il Sucker Ring onto the bottom of the koozie and line it up with the dotted line. Slip in your favorite canned or bottled beverage. To pick up your Insulator just hit the lip and take a sip. When you set your drink down the neoprene sucker will keep it suctioned down on any non-porous surface.