Custom Holster

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The big brother of the L'il Sucker® Original, the L'il Sucker® Holster is designed to fit larger containers from tumblers/ramblers, old school koozies, wine bottles, basically any container up to approx. 4″ in diameter. With a center ring engineered for an extremely firm hold, the L'il Sucker® Holster will keep even the heaviest cups and bottles secure wherever you stick them.

Disclaimer : When customizing your own L'il Sucker® you cannot use logos from professional sports teams etc… Those are trademarked and heavily protected by professional organizations. That includes sports teams/leagues, beer companies, clothing companies, etc…you get the picture.  That being said, we won't put our own logo on your Custom L'il Sucker either - it will be printed just as you send it 👍.

No minimum quantity required! 15% discount when you order 8 or more!